Critical Thinker
Wholistic Problem Solver
Creative Leader

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Core Values

Whether briefing clients, brainstorming with creative teams, or building leadership systems, I have specific values that guide my thought process.


We are social beings and the more we keep in touch with our common humanity, the more effective our interactions will be with our clients, coworkers and leaders.


If we can learn to walk a mile in someone’s shoes we will be able to serve them effectively and without presumption.


Imagine how much could be accomplished if we made the most of every minute, of every ounce of energy and every thought.


People of integrity are refreshing like newly paved roads in a world filled with pitted out two-tracks, accomplishing more, faster and with less stress.


Viewing limitations as opportunities instead of obstacles often produces more original, economical solutions.


The only thing that is certain in life is change. Anticipating and embracing it keeps creativity and optimism alive.

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