I am a creative who is capable of and experienced at helping businesses accomplish objectives. I am a problem solver. Whether the context is user experience, print design, brand strategy or team dynamics, I thrive when facing challenges. I engage both sides of my brain in my design approach, which I consider “freedom in a framework.” I am analytical with a passion for building and maintaining efficient, effective systems and processes. I am also good at considering new approaches and openly brainstorming on even the most seemingly outrageous ideas. I am team focused, always thinking about how to maximize the strengths of each individual within any group to increase productivity, creativity and effectiveness. I believe that collaboration with customers, stakeholders, staff and leadership, and understanding business objectives are the keys to great creative work.

I’m also a family man. I live in Las Vegas with my wife, son and daughter. When I’m not working, I’m usually out with them hiking or biking and every so often I get to go golfing. I love good food, I make delicious bread, and my passion for BBQ is evidenced by my three bbq grills, all of which (as much as my wife may roll her eyes at this) have their own specific jobs. I have a passion for leadership and mentoring and am a youth leader our church’s high school youth group. I love personal development and seeing my work help others grow.