Semi Truck Love

Client: Little Caesars
Role: Art Direction, Production


The VP of Blue Line Distribution at Little Caesars wanted an image for a large presentation that could also be used to create a poster for their headquarters. He provided a reference image on Wednesday and required the image to be completed and ready for his presentation by Monday of the following week.

I worked together with the VP’s communications rep to communicate with the fleet manager to make sure we could get the trucks in time. I did the location scouting and selected a parking lot near the Fox Theater Office Complex that would be big enough for the trucks to maneuver into position.

I worked with Blue Line Distribution’s equipment reps to secure rental and delivery of a 50 foot boom lift in order to get the necessary vantage point for our photographer, and a water truck to wet down the concrete in the parking lot for increased contrast. I worked within my own network to find a certified lift operator that would be able to make it out to our Saturday morning, pre-sunrise shoot.

It took nine drivers, three spotters on the ground and me directing traffic from a radio 50 feet above, about 30 minutes to get the trucks lined up perfectly before the sun was in position and we could start shooting.

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